Friends..I invite you to a journey full of experiences...experiences that have shaped my thought process and my actions.

Friday, July 29, 2011

"Striving to Turn Back"

Life is not about achieving goals,its not about being rich,its not about imposing yourself on somebody,its not about complains and hatred,its not about having materialistic possessions,its not about sarcasm,its not about competition,its not about jealousy...but Life is all about being a Good Human Being,being simple,being honest,being someone who fears God,being somebody who wants to bring a change,being someone to wants to bring smile on people's face.

We all strive very hard to get into Top colleges..Top companies..Top People..We bring attitude in our self, we start believing that we are indispensible..that we are Everything and that Nothing is beyond us, and in the process we forget that there are so many people around us who strive equally hard..who fight like we do,but somehow do not make it..there are so many people around us who are not as privileged as we are..who are not as physically capable as we are..and we turn our backs on them saying that they are small people. We even go to the extent of making fun of somebody's physical incapability.

Life is about bringing smile on people's faces.A smalll touch, a word of encouragement, a small prayer for someone who is not well, a perfectly clean smile, a small token of money, a small word of appreciation about wat someone does, a small Thank You, can make people feel happy, make people proud of whatever they do,make people love themselves,make people believe that God is there and its not that he hasnt been kind to them,its just that God has certain limitations but he is there for you at every step of life and he will show you the way ahead,and that you dont have to worry.

Life is full of unpredictabilities, life is full of uncertainities..but one thing is certain,the way we lead our lives decides the way forward.I do not say that we should stop working and do not chase our dreams..All I am saying is we should have the courage and humbleness to turn back and say 'Thank You'.We should turn back to the society in whatever small way we can, we should somehow or someway learn to say 'Thank You'.Ultimately its all about being Simple and having the courage to Turn Back.I am striving to Turn Back and I am sure you too are.Turning back is Wonderful, if you haven't, try it once you will realize how beautiful this Life really is."Thank You"

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Learn to Live!!!

Happiness is something we all crave for,love is something we all want and respect is something we all should get.But there are times in life when things do not go the way we want them to be,things do not shape as we would have wished.Its very easy to give up,to feel mentally and physically insecure,to loose faith in your abilities,more importantly to loose respect for yourself,to stop laughing and the biggest mistake to stop believing in 'GOD'.

The question really is why do we expect so much from ourselves.We all have come with some wonderful talent,but we need to understand the fact that if all our wishes and aspirations would come true as the way we wanted them to be,this life wouldntbe as valuable as it is now.

Somewhere down the line we have lost the value of simplicity.We do not value small things that once used to bring smile on our faces.Believe me,there are people who are not as lucky as probably we are,so please bring simplicity back to your world,cause thats the greatest virtue you could ever possess.Life is short, please do not pollute it with negativity and materialism.

The most beautiful thing in life is Love.Do not underestimate its value.Love is that powerful tool that would bring happiness to even themost dejected souls.Manifest love cause thats the greatest manifestation of GOD.A physically challenged kid,a widowed mother,a person literally in his dying days,love can heal the greatest of wounds.Unconditional Love to almost everyone you meet would bring the kind of happinessyou would never have achieved with almost all the money in the world.

You could be very successful but do not forget the virtues of Humbleness and Modesty.Remember,You always earn respect.Respect People,as thats the most powerful thing you can do to Embrace GOD.

There will be tougher times,but do not break,speak to God, do not beg, but ask him to give you that strength and do whatever best he thinks for you.Cry even when you cannot infront of everyone, but in a corner of your room.But make sure that it gives you the strength to stand up and move again.When in trouble,do not melt,but remember the most difficult of times and how you stood up.Stand once more and fight.

Depend on yourself and make yourself strong enough to face every situation,the most testing of times,when GOD might check your faith on him.Do not let yourself break,because its impossible that he who created you wouldnt be there to stand by you when you need him the most.

There would be times when people would be against you,when they would try everything to let you down,when they wouldnt trust you.Rise,Rise up,not for them but to prove yourself that you still love yourself.

GOD is a Real word.Respect that word and your world would be a lot more Beautiful than you would have anticipated.And be Simple, you will realize the value of a million dollar smile on the face of someone who is leaving you to be with GOD.