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Sunday, April 13, 2008


Our dreams and our values inspire us to move forward at every step of life.With time,emotions and sensitivity get attached to our soul and we feel insecure to believe in ourself,but we find that we are rewarded each time because of our willingness to succeed.We step into a new life,a new world with our eyes full of desire and our heart vibrating with energy.It comes as a beautiful challenge,realizing and rediscovering oneself.The motivation which graduates from within and the beauty and insanity of our dedication makes our every step very easy and satisfying.We are almost seduced to our work and oblivious of our surroundings.Our personality is gratified by our desire and hunger to succeed and our will to perform completely outbursts every other emotion.The gridlock that had captured our mind becomes free and we start believing in positiveness,the cacophonies of our mind decede and there is a whole new transformation in our attitude.We begin to respect our individualism and the time that we have spent searching ourselves.Unfortunately,at a certain point of time,there is a sublte ego boost and a sense of superiority.We get a bit carried away by that sublime smell of victory.But as we move along we realize that this is not a solitary success,that we couldnt have moved on without the support of GOD and our FAMILY.Ultimately its our humble approach to life that makes us realize how BEAUTIFUL this LIFE really is.
MARRIAGE is no different than entering into a new phase of this beautiful scenario.Its a step forward that everyone has to take with time and accept it with responsibility and happiness.Its a new beginning and a new road that our destiny has figured with baauty to make us keep moving ahead in life,to realize our dreams and to RESPECT OUR WORLD!!!

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