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Sunday, April 13, 2008


I was walking along the sea shore when i saw the sundry waves take a giant shape and leap towards me and I was standing a few yards from them, so I couldnt run, nor could I cry.I looked towards GOD, and asked him "Is thia the ultimate end for me!".
GOD asked "You have commuted a journey,is that not enough for you!"
I replied "GOD, my life has been a colossus of love, it has blossomed with pain and happiness, but my thaughts have often reverberated and questioned if I had done enough to be called your incarnation. I am dumbstruck . And so GOD, I want to escort myself a little longer."
GOD said "Son, you have invested your life to figure out your DIVINE. Do you identify yourself!
Confabulate with yourself and dissect your unversed and unspoken mind.You are a sublime child, dismiss your ego.Nobody can incarnate the DIVINE, assemble your senses and interact with your goal, your goal as a child and not as an intensive soul."
I replied "I have always cherished the space that you have alloted me, always respected the soul that you have provided me with, always tried to gift people true and honest love, but is this what you sent me to this world! GOD, I am a dreamer, and as you know dreams can be materialized only when actions support them and time matriculates them. I do not fear death, but I need time to figure my goals, my ambitions, and that for me is 'your incarnation'."
GOD asked "What do you want! What is your aim in life!"
I replied "I want an answer! GOD you have created life, you have characterized each one of us,then why is this indifference in your characterization! Why have you created children who cant see, who cant speak, who cant walk properly and who are mentally challenged. Why is this injustice! My heart melts whenever I see them or hear of them, and thus I want to devote my life to them, that is my goal, my aim, my ambition, my prayer, my work and my life!"
GOD said "I respect your thaughts, but Son "Do you know what LIFE is!" Life is a 'struggle'. Life is simple and alive if there are complications and challenges in its path, life becomes moron and dull if it has to walk on a plain clean route. I love them, I love them immensely, much more than a normal man.And that is the reason why I have created them SPECIAL.I want them to cross the toughest challenges of life with dignity, I want them to testify me with courage and passion. You think twice only for those, whom you love, and want them to be a success.And so I dont grant this opportunity to every other human."
I said " GOD, you are a Magician! Your words can easily mesmerize anybody. O.K! If I agree with your ceremonial thaughts, why didnt you desert me with challenges! Dont you love me! Or have you not made me capable enough to fight these challenges."
GOD said "My creations are my love.How can I create someone if I do not love him.I want to make people understand what pain is and how to overcome it gleefully.I want them to see what life has to offer on an ORDEAL note.I want them to respect the tougher life which their colleagues have been living.These challenged people are none other than me.I reside in them, giving them the power to pursue their endeavours.I want to lift the thinking of the common man.
REMEMBER "Thinking is the principle of existance.If you think positive,think creative,people will take you positive.If you think material you will be material. So how can I not LOVE you!"
I confessed"GOD, I succumb to you, I am completely satisfied with your words, and from now-onwards my respect for your each and every creation will only increase.Now I am free and not afraid of death.GOD I am ready to leave this world."

After a while my alarm-clock started ringing and I found that I was dreaming.

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